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    3/17/2021 3:03 am

    Fortnite Season 6 Adds Primal Theme With Lara Croft, Animals, And Neymar

    Epic Games has launched Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, complete with map changes, new skins, and much more.

    Epic Games has rolled out the next major update for Fortnite, officially kicking off Chapter 2, Season 6 in the game's Battle Royale mode. It starts out with a brand-new cinematic and a single-player event mission involving the Zero Point before adding a wide array of new content. That includes a revamped version of the map with a "primal" theme and new wildlife to encounter, a Lara Croft skin that comes as part of the Season 6 battle pass, on-the-fly weapon crafting, and much more, with a skin based on soccer player Neymar Jr. set to come.

    If you haven't jumped into the game for yourself yet, you can check out the new story cinematic in the video below. This features a battle between many of the major third-party characters who popped up in Fortnite as part of last season's theme, including the Xenomorph from Alien, the Predator, Terminators, Sarah Connor, the Master Chief, and more. This all culminates in the single-player Zero Crisis mission that you'll be able to play through the first time you play during Season 6.

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