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    10/14/2021 12:33 am

    Using "swear words" online can be a problemSLOTXOthat teachers and parents may be worried about. They may not understand why it happened. and how to prevent or fix

    Prof. Dr. Weerasak Chonchaiya, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, identified the cause of children Use offensive words in the online world as follows:

    Why do children use profanity in "Online Media"
    Impersonation from friends or influencers (Influencer) in online media.
    Children think it is not wrong to use profanity between peers.
    Children feel accepted when swearing or using profanity is the same.

    Parents should understand that profanity is an age-appropriate behavior that children may imitate from friends or influencers in online media.
    Take the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using profanity. and instruct the child to understand that he can be accepted by others even without profanity.
    Family members should be role models in the use of appropriate words in a variety of contexts.
    Parents should be appreciative when their children use appropriate language without profanity when using online media.
    Reduce the use of online media with age-inappropriate content. especially with violence and profanity.
    Recommend online media with influencers that use the right words.
    Avoid posting vulgar messages when the child is angry or upset. and explain to the children that such messages tend to stay online and may have a negative effect on the child in the future.

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