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    9/10/2020 10:51 pm

    The former head of the National Security Agency (NSA), who was in office when the Edward Snowden scandal joined Amazon's board as directors.General Keith Alexander, appointed publicly on Wednesday, became famous to the public after Mr Snowden whistled in the slotxo agency's mass surveillance program.A Privacy International spokesperson told the BBC the move was worrying.The BBC has requested comment from Amazon.Hours after Gen Alexander's appointment was made public, Mr Snowden took to Twitter to express his concerns.
    It turns out, 'Hey Alexa' stands for 'Hey Keith Alexander, he tweeted.

    Yes, Keith Alexander was in charge of the illegal mass surveillance program that caused a worldwide scandal.
    Last week, a U.S. federal court ruled that surveillance of the NSA's phone recordings, exposed by Mr Snowden in 2013, was illegal.General Alexander suggested at the slotxo time that reporters should not be allowed to report on the leaked documents Mr Snowden.I think it's wrong that a newspaper reporter has all the 50,000 of these documents they have and sell them and give them as if these - you know,We should find a way to stop it, he added.

    'We don't need any other NSA'

    Edin Omanovic, Privacy International Support Director Said Amazon's decision to hire Gen Alexander was extremely relevant.Every day, big tech companies like Amazon make ethical decisions that affect people's lives without democratic responsibility, he said.Obviously, it's worrying that right now at the heart of the matter will be people who have spent years defending the slotxo seizure of confidential information that later proved illegal. We don't need a single other NSA to have a privacy policy.Omanovic suggested the move could make it easier for Amazon to exert influence in the security market.

    Now, Amazon wants to get involved in the lucrative defense and security marketplace and hence the key to government-owned large-scale storage.It's no secret that the key to this is hiring an influential former government official. The intensity of the force that comes out of it is bad for people, bad for companies, and bad for society, he added.Last year, Amazon's Alexa was one of the slotxo smart voice assistants that send voice recordings to human contractors for review.Amazon has given consumers the opportunity to opt out of such reviews.

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