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    1/20/2022 11:27 pm

    After being out of the covid lockdown for several weeks The Dutch were delighted with beautiful flowers. on National Tulip Day

    On January 16, 2022, the AP newsSLOTXOagency reported the atmosphere of the tulip market opening of the flower shops that became more bustling. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    The Dutch received a free bouquet of colorful tulips on National Tulip Day on Saturday January 15th to celebrate the start of the Dutch farmers' tulip growing season. world's largest exporter

    “It was a dark and uncertain time for many people. people who have to live with the epidemic So we wanted to give some freshness. We hope to help you create a happy face with a bouquet of tulips in your hand,” said Arjan Smith, president of the Netherlands Tulip Promotion Association.

    National Tulip Day is usually held with a flower garden in front of the palace at the city center square, or Dam Square, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, gathering measures are still being tightened. The organizers relied on the Amsterdam Canal, a World Heritage Site, as a route to deliver flowers to the general public.

    Royal Flora Holland Plant and Flower Auction Company Record sales in 2021 hit a record 5.6 billion euros, or about 210 billion baht, thanks to higher prices of cut plants and flowers.

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