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9/14/2021 11:56 pm  #1

​Donald Trump misses!! China maintained a 7.1

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China gains US trade balance increased last year It underscores Donald Trump's failure to narrow the number during his reign. meanwhile It also points to the growing demand for electronic and medical devices during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

China's higher equilibrium This was driven by almost the same increase in exports as last year. Meanwhile, the Dragon Realm's factory resumed a bustling start since the second quarter. after implementing strict lockdown measures in the first 3 months of the year This results in wider control of COVID-19 and opens the way for economic activities to resume.

Trump has announced an amendment to the trade deficit with China. It is a matter of high importance. when he took office four years ago and signed some trade deals. The so-called Phase 1 trade deal will allow China to buy from the United States by many times, such as soybeans.

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