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6/21/2020 10:29 pm  #1

Get to know "Hikiko Mori Syndrome", an introverted disease that become

At the end of last week There was news of a 16 year old boy stabbing his mother while sleeping. A total of 12 wounds. After 1 day, the child surrendered. By giving evidence that he had done it because he wanted to have a free life Do not want anyone to force them to be in the frame or to be what the mother wants them to be Because it feels uncomfortable Because I never denied my mother what she wanted me to do Also accepting that he cannot be in society Prefer to stay in the room rather than write songs on social media but not addicted to games
Many people may think that this child has never been refined. Don't know the sin of merit and blame Regarded as aggressive, likes to use violence Or think that it is just a cocky boy Which may not be expected that this is not just the behavior of violence But is a mental disorder called "Hikiko Mori Syndrome", which Tonkit360 will volunteer to tell you what this symptom is
"Hikikomori Syndrome" is a psychological disorder. Patients are separated behavior from society. Don't like meeting people Block yourself They tend to keep themselves in the room or in the house, with almost no interaction with the outside society. Or can be called trying to escape and disappearing from society Which Hikikomori is an anomaly Many people are rarely separated between the sick and the introvert. Normally, school age children aged 6-12 are learning years or are developing in all areas. Learning that children receive during this period will stimulate work and brain development. Allowing children to develop abilities quickly, including body, mind, intelligence, language and problem solving. Until have confidence in yourself Stable Able to live life in society And grew up as a teenager However, if childhood development has problems or disrupted without help Will affect the development of adolescence Which is the seam of childhood and adult And may become a social problem in the future Children who are in the learning age and are developing in various fields.

Will be curious, play naughty, like to join activities Have fun with friends at school. But if any child behaves separately from friends Not participating in the activity No interaction with those around you There is a high risk of Hikkomori Syndrome, which without urgent and correct treatment. May lead to other psychiatric disorders. Causes of Hikkomori Still unclear But the psychiatrist or psychologist who has experience in treatment or counseling for people with this condition Analyze the causes that may be caused by severe disappointment on a subject Bullying that affects the mind Causing bad feelings Lose confidence Feel insincere Pressure from people around you Cause stress Until finally beginning to be afraid of socializing Sensitive to critical criticisms that make you feel bad and wrong, start blaming yourself. Deny the truth and escape the problem of separation from external diseases And will hide in only the safety zone and comfort zone of your own

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