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​New understanding! I felt like I was sick. "Taking the drug" did no

Many people should have heard or slotxo experienced some of themselves. If on any day we get wet in the rain The elders in the house always remind us that "I'm not feeling well. Go and eat the drug first, "which we probably eat some, not eat, depending on mood But when we are not yet sick Or maybe not sick Can we really take medicine to trap fever?

"Eating fever drug" is a belief that old people in almost every home believe that way. This belief is passed on to the next generation. Because they have been hit as well Whenever we start to feel sick Or in a situation where the risk of being sick Adults are often chased to take medicine to trap the fever first. So as not to get sick

Don't pretend to play with drugs, not candy.

Reputed "medicine" means something used to cure disease, prevent disease or nourish the body. But most of the time, we take medicine to treat ailments or treat ailments. Means that medicine is not candy Or rice that we can eat continuously as we want if we are not sick Not a disease We should not be taking medicine. Because each drug would not know where to go to treat it. And most importantly, all drugs have side effects It will be more or less depending on drug activity, drug type, drug amount and individual body. From where we intend to take medicine to trap the flu We may suffer from a chronic disease that cannot be cured at all.

Therefore, taking medicine to trap fever Can't prevent the body from getting sick Because this type of drug has properties, not prevent disease or nourish the body. If our body has low immunity Or really weak, we can get sick anyway It also increases the risk of physical deterioration from taking drugs. Can overdose

Popular drugs that people often eat for fever

Popular drugs that we often get to eat to trap sick is All common household drugs that are attached to every house Most often, it is inevitable. “Paracetamol” or histamine drugs, which is “antihistamines”, when it is a drug that can be bought online and is available at home, many people understand that it is not dangerous. Therefore, I cannot imagine that if I take a lot of drugs, whatever drugs are dangerous as well.

When we take the medicine The working process of the drug The drug is dissolved and absorbed by the organs before it enters the bloodstream. It is then transported to the affected area according to the properties that the drug is designed for, some of which will be transported to the liver. An organ that is responsible for removing foreign bodies that enter the body

When we take a lot of drugs Even though not getting sick The chemicals in the drug can make the liver work harder. Because a lot of foreign matter must be filtered out, the harder the liver works Began to impair, deteriorate and not work properly To the extreme, it can be fatal.

Paracetamol is the drug we use most often when we feel unwell. Because when we have a fever or a cold, there will be a hot headache, which the properties of paracetamol will reduce fever, relieve pain, become a misconception that if you do not want a headache or a fever. Then let him eat paracetamol

I do not know that paracetamol, 500 mg, if we eat more than 8 tablets per day (usually adults eat 2 tablets per meal) for 5-7 days in a row, it will definitely affect our liver. Like the warning posted on the back of the drug label The liver will work harder because it is exposed to chemicals from the drug. When accumulating a lot Liver cell damage Or have symptoms of hepatitis Can cause liver failure It also causes a few symptoms, but it shouldn't. Such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dizziness

Antihistamines are antihistamines. Helps reduce stuffy, runny nose when sneezing or the start of a runny nose. We will turn to antihistamines. Which antihistamines are both types that cause sleepiness and not lethargy Drowsiness drugs cause drowsiness, slower reflexes, confusion, dry mouth, constipation, urination, blurred vision, or an accident related to everyday life. The antihistamines that are not lethargic can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, dry eyes, blurred vision.

We don't need to take the drug!

Usually when the body has less immunity. The chances of getting sick is a common occurrence. So if our body is weak No matter what, we are sick anyway. But if we just start to feel nervous Feel like i'm sick We don't need to take any medicine. Just try to increase your immune system to be stronger, such as sleep, lots of rest, drink lots of water, keep the body warm. Because our body has a process to resist germs If our immune system is strong Symptoms that seem to be ill will get better and disappear by itself.

Do not take fever-trap drugs So what should I do?

When taking medicine to trap the illness does not help. Plus the risk of health collapse than before But if you are really waiting for sickness In order to take the medicine, it is not a good idea to do so when you feel like you are going to feel sick. feel feverish The method is as simple as taking care of yourself more to build immunity. Get enough rest Do not let your body become exhausted Take care of yourself, don't be stressed. Drink plenty of clean water

Diet is no less important. Because many foods have properties in treating sickness And each nutrient is responsible for keeping the body healthy. Or eating vitamin C can help prevent flu. But it should be vitamin C obtained from natural foods. It is better to put it simply, eat the right foods. The body is already strong

But if unable to trap the illness Just treat that illness by yourself If the symptoms are not severe, take more care of yourself using the above recommended methods. As for the generic home medicine, it will take time to have a little sickness.

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