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2/20/2021 5:18 am  #1

​The danger of "old dishwashing sponges" is as dirty as human feces.

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"Improper handling of the sponge There is a chance that the number of bacteria accumulated in the sponge. Will be as much as the number of bacteria in the feces of a person. "
Dishwashing sponge Is a good source of disease accumulation If not keeping clean Or change when the sponge wears out But how do we use a deteriorated and dirty dish sponge, how will it affect the body?
Dishwashing sponges usually have two sides, a sponge and a polished side, and a sponge side is often porous that can hold food particles. And also retains moisture after use as well When there is an appropriate moisture and food Various microorganisms Will be able to increase the number

Dangers arising from using old sponges to wash dishes
Using an old sponge to wash the dishes It can cause gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, diarrhea, and can lead to dizziness, headache, and encephalitis.

Elderly people, babies, pregnant women It is a risk group that may be harmed by using old sponges to wash dishes as well.

The more you use the sponge to wash the dishes The higher the risk of causing disease.
Using a dishwashing sponge Typically, it is most likely about three times a day, but in restaurants with more spongy use than usual. The opportunity to have time to clean the sponge after use. Or hang to dry It will be less than the use of a sponge in the house. The more the dishes through the basin or water bucket This increases the risk of microbes in the water that can be used to wash dishes as well. The microorganisms in water can infect containers for up to 24 hours. Even if the dishes are wiped or dried until dry There is still a chance that the microorganisms exist. And can be transmitted to food

Separate dishwashing sponges to wash the glass to help reduce bacteria.
Recommended to separate the sponge between the sponges used to wash dishes. And wash each glass apart Because if we use a dishwashing sponge with pathogenic microorganisms to wash the glass When we use that glass to continue pouring water We will be at risk of exposure to various microorganisms. That enters the body as well

Sponges need to dry some.
Many houses, including restaurants Often soaking the sponge in a container with water in it. Make the sponge never dry The fact that the sponge is always damp May cause microorganisms to grow

Microwaves can kill microbes.
The sponge is dried in the microwave. Can help reduce the number of microorganisms It has been proven that microwaving the sponge for 1-2 minutes can reduce the microbial count in the sponge by up to 90% ever. The sponge must be wet. There should be no food residues in it. If there is food residue on the sponge during the microwave Food particles will dry out and adhere to the sponge better. Making it dangerous to health

How to reduce microorganisms in the sponge
Remove all food debris from the container Before washing dishes with a sponge

After using the sponge Use dishwashing liquid to wash or mop the sponge thoroughly first. And dry the sponge to dry every time after use.
In addition, when it is seen that the sponge begins to deteriorate, there is a lack of spray, porosity that food particles can easily accumulate, dirty and smells should be replaced immediately.

2/22/2021 7:53 am  #2

Re: ​The danger of "old dishwashing sponges" is as dirty as human feces.

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