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7/14/2022 12:15 pm  #1

Haw knew he had left a trail for Hem

Haw knew he had left a trail for Hem and that he could find his way, if he could just read The Handwriting On The Wall.So, each day he inspected Cheese Station N to see what the condition of his Cheese was.He was going to do whatever he could to avoid being surprised by unexpected change.While Haw stil had a great supply of Cheese, he often went out into the Maze and explored new areas to stay in touch with what was happening around him.He knew it was safer to be aware of his real choices than to isolate himself in his comfort zone.Then, Haw heard what he thought was the sound of movement out in the Maze.As the noise grew louder, he realized that someone was coming.Could it be that Hem was arriving?Was he about to turn the corner?A DiscussionLater That Same DayWhen Michael finished telling the story, he looked around the room and saw his former classmates smiling at him.Several thanked him and said they got a good deal out of the story.Nathan asked the group, ’What would you think of getting together later and maybe discussing it?’Most of them said they would like to talk about it, and so they arranged to meet later for a drink before dinner.That evening, as they gathered in a hotel lounge, they began to kid each other about finding their ’Cheese’ and seeing themselves in the Maze.Sniff, Scurry, Hem or Haw?’Carlos answered, ’Well, I was thinking about that this afternoon.I clearly remember a time before I had my sporting goods business, when I had a rough encounter with change.’I was more like Hem, who wanted to stay in familiar territory.The truth is, I didn’t want to deal with the change.I didn’t even want to see it.’Michael, who felt like no time had passed since he and Carlos were close friends in school, asked, ’What are we talking about here, buddy?’Carlos said, ’An unexpected change of jobs.’Michael laughed.’You were fired?’’Wel , let’s just say I didn’t want to go out looking for New Cheese.I thought I had a good reason why change shouldn’t happen to me.’Hem reminds me of a friend of mine,’ Frank said.’His department was closing down, but he didn’t want to see it.They kept relocating his people.We all tried to talk to him about the many other opportunities that existed in the company for those who wanted to be flexible, but he didn’t think he had to change.He was the only one who was surprised when his department closed.Now he’s having a hard time adjusting to the change he didn’t think should happen.’Jessica said, ’I didn’t think it should happen to me either, but my ’Cheese’ has been moved more than once, especially in my personal life, but we can get to that later.’Many in the group laughed, except Nathan.’Maybe that’s the whole point,’ Nathan said.’Change happens to all of us.’

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