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11/25/2021 12:06 am  #1

​Hong Kong people, Australia opens the channel to apply

Hong Kong people, Australia opens the channel to apply for a permanent visa.
Australia is now open toSLOTHong Kong residents living in Australia to apply for a permanent visa next year. It is estimated that there are almost ten thousand people who meet the conditions.

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said on Nov 1, 2021 that Hong Kong residents who have been in Australia for a long time. There are two types of visa application for permanent stay in the country.

The statement leaves 9,000 Hong Kong residents in Australia currently on temporary visas. qualify Can apply for a permanent visa The relevant agencies will accept applications in March next year. by holders of Hong Kong passports and British overseas passports All have the legal right to file a petition.

Australia has always been a country that has criticized the Chinese government. on the enforcement of national security laws against Hong Kong including changing the electoral system of Hong Kong The Australian government has said that these moves greatly undermine rights and freedoms. China has previously pledged to keep Hong Kong independent until a merger with the mainland in 2047.

According to the Australian Department of Immigration, in the 18 months leading up to July 2021, around 6,000 Hong Kong residents in Australia were granted permanent resident visas. And 9,250 more applications have been filed. and hold a renewed visa in Australia Able to keep in touch with family and business connections in Hong Kong

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