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6/21/2020 11:12 pm  #1

Virtual reality galaxy adventures

Nowadays, technology has been used to simulate location into a virtual world. Called VR (Virtual Reality-VR) to take advantage of many The entertainment business, medical industry, science and astronomy recently. This astrophysicist from the Goddard Space Flight Center In the united states Developed a new visualization That will allow people to experience the evolution of the universe 500 years around the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way By combining data from NASA's Chandra Space Telescope And other telescopes With super-computer simulation and virtual reality This data visualization is called the "Galactic Center VR". It is a signal transmitted to a super-massive black hole called Sagittarius A * or Sgr A *. The visualization will be loaded. Enter the virtual reality environment Is a new way to explore models and can be used for free at the Steam and Viveport VR applications. Astrophysicists simulate the evolution of wolf-ray stars. Quickly Became a very strong star wind When the wind from the star Wolf-Raye Colliding, the object will be heated to millions of degrees A shock similar to a sonic boom and produces enormous X-rays. But the center of the galaxy is too far away from the Chandra Space Telescope to detect those collisions. But the X-ray radiation from hot gas makes it possible to detect the sharp X-ray cameras of the Chandra Space Telescope.

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