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5/07/2022 9:36 pm  #1


With these figures, you can imagine the number of pages and printing machines are used every day. Print media is providing employment to millions of people. The second popular news media is the news that we see on the television. This is a better industry. Has more rewards for its employees. You can get all the latest news on the news channels. Indian TV media is known for its sensationalism because people love watching the news that is said in a high voice. But, if you don't like this way of getting information about the latest happenings, then you can try a third medium, which is comparatively new to the ones that I have discussed above. The third media are the online newspapers, which is a unique but effective way of reading news and watching videos at one place. An online newspaper covers all the fields that you are more likely to see in a traditional newspaper. Generally, a newspaper in India covers several fields, so as to satisfy all kinds of readers. In other cases, the subject sees a light that they feel represents either Heaven or God. Out-of-body experiences (OBE) - The subject feels that he has left his body. He can look down and see it, often describing the sight of doctors working on him. In some cases, the subject's "spirit" then flies out of the room, into ­the sky and sometimes into space. Entering into another realm or dimension - Depending on the subject's religious beliefs and the nature of the experience, he may perceive this realm as Heaven or, in rare cases, as Hell. Spirit beings - During the OBE, the subject encounters "beings of light," or other representations of spiritual entities. He may perceive these as deceased loved ones, angels, saints or God. ­The tunnel - Many NDE subjects find themselves in a tunnel with a light at its end. They may encounter spirit beings as they pass through the tunnel.  mansplaining

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